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Live casino games give the feeling of a real club at your own home

Among the popular formats of modern online casinos, modern players prefer the live game option. This variant of virtual competition takes place by using a live video stream in interactive mode. All games run exclusively in real time. In this sense, live casino games free are very similar to competitions at a land-based gambling club.

Customers of this online casino enter the battle for the main prize not with a machine or computer, but with a real croupier. Today, these types of games can be found on many licensed virtual casino sites.

New live entertainment formats are released every month, that is why live casino games are gaining popularity so fast. In order to start a battle in this type of competition, you need to learn how to use the interactive betting panel, which is located on the slot monitor. Also, you need to set up a high-quality microphone to communicate with the dealer. Thus, if you do everything correctly, your home room will turn into a real Las Vegas hall, where you can play bright top rounds of Poker or Roulette with a real croupier.

Features of free live game format

In 2020, thanks to the efforts of the best software providers, virtual games became available even without cash bets. The free format has firmly won its niche in the field of gambling and an increasing number of users prefer to play in this mode. Live casino games online can also be accessed even without money.

The meaning of the live format is as follows: players participate in the round and communicate with the croupier in the same way as they do in a land-based casino. Users have the right to ask the dealer a question during the round, they can even ask the dealer to make a call bet on Roulette. Live mode gives casino customers many advantages.

To start playing live casino games, you need to download the video slot to your device and enable its playback. The dealer will appear on the screen, you can see them, but they can not see you, because there is no webcam on your side. All communication during the distribution of cards, exchange, and so on occurs via the interactive panel of your mobile device or computer. Some live games allow gamers to talk to the dealer through speakers or a microphone on the computer. Also, there are casinos with an online chat option, which is used for all communication.

In 2020, there are three types of live casinos on the big gambling market. The first type is a dealer studio. This type of gaming platform assumes that users are located in a specially designed studio, which is very similar to a real casino. Here are real tables, chips and other entourage.

The next type is a live stream. This version of the game resource involves transferring the game process directly from a real land-based casino to your computer.

The third variant of the live format is TV games. Today, viewers can see online broadcasts of various casino games on some cable channels. You only need to connect your computer to the casino transfer and you can start placing bets.

Popular live format games

live roulette

The most popular live virtual entertainment according to customer reviews of the casino are:

  • Roulette. A very popular model that is perfect for live casino games. On most modern gambling sites, you will find many varieties of live Roulette. Also, users can play both paid and free game modes.
  • Blackjack. A card game that has become even more attractive for many novice gamers with the advent of real play mode. The simple rules of this competition combined with a huge number of possible winning solutions – all this gives Blackjack dynamics and popularity, especially in the live format.
  • Craps. Another casino fun, which is much more likely to attract players to its field when the live format is turned on. This competition is interesting to watch when several people become participants, and therefore the live transmission option has made Craps a favorite game of thousands of modern gamers around the world.
  • Baccarat. This is another game that is great for the live dealer format. There are clear rules and high chances of success for gamers. In this game, you can bet on your hand, the dealers, or on a draw, and the goal is to guess the bet that will be closer to 9.

In the modern world of online casinos, you will find other types of live casino games. Choose a suitable option for yourself and start competing in full.

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